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Landon C. Villavaso is a graduate of California State University Northridge and Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. He has been a practicing attorney in the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas for over fifteen years in both state and federal courts. He has extensive experience in Juvenile Dependency Law, Real Estate Finance Law, White Collar Criminal Defense, Family Law and Estate planning. During his years of practice, Mr. Villavaso has carefully assisted clients through the criminal and civil litigation process by successfully negotiating settlement agreements and plea agreements with the foresight of experience. When that experience dictates an aggressive and vigorous defense, Mr’ Villavaso has passionately advocated his client’s position in trial accepting absolutely nothing less than the desired goal of his clients. As an experienced trial attorney, Mr. Villavaso has an intimate understanding of the emotional and financial cost of litigation and patiently partners with his clients to achieve a resolution that is in their best interest.


In matters of Juvenile Dependency, the burden of proof to physically remove a child from a home is very low; and, many parents feel helpless and misled by social workers who are unwilling or unavailable to provide meaningful concrete answers to their questions. As an experienced advocate of parental rights, Mr. Villavaso can calm your fears by providing answers to those questions and explaining the relationship between the legal system and the bureaucracy that escalate a referral of child abuse or neglect to a petition for the removal of a child. In his practice, Mr. Villavaso has successfully counseled clients to prevent the removal of a child from a home before a petition was filed in court and persuasively argued the safe return of a child to their parent on the day the petition was filed. However, when return of a child is prohibited by court order, Mr. Villavaso has been successful at trial handling the most complicated legal and factual scenarios and exhausted every possibility through intense investigation and passionate argument to achieve the stated goal of his clients.


In matters of Family Law, the issues are often personally sensitive and emotionally complicated’ Many clients want an attorney who can compassionately listen to their concerns and understand how those concerns affect them and their children as a whole. Armed with that intimate understanding, clients want their attorney to passionately and aggressively advocate the best interest of their family. Mr. Villavaso has experience advocating child custody and visitation issues in high-conflict family law matters‘ He understands the urgency and importance of achieving the stated goals of his clients and will relentlessly advocate their best interests throughout the litigation process up to and including trial.


In matters of Real Estate Finance Law, Mr. Villavaso has had the unique experience of practicing within a boutique law firm catering specifically to residential mortgage brokers and lenders and within the corporate structure of national residential mortgage broker and lender as corporate counsel. As a result, he understands the relationship between real estate finance law and real life business practice to assist clients in creating pragmatic solutions to their concerns that fit squarely within the confines of the law. As corporate counsel, Mr. Villavaso has advised companies in the creation of policy and procedure, and state and federal law and regulation, to maintain business relationships and alleviate concerns of state regulators. Mr. Villavaso has also represented residential mortgage brokers and salespersons under federal criminal investigation and indictment by the HUD Office of Inspector General, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the United States Attorney’s Office. Because of his extensive work in white collar criminal defense, Mr. Villavaso is admitted to the United States District Courts for the Central, Southern, Eastern and Northern Districts of California.

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