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Divorce in the New Year

The end of a year is an excellent time to take appraisal of your life, looking at both what went well over the course of the year, as well as what you wish had gone better, and how you can make the following year better than the last. For many, the new year brings a strong desire to end a marriage that is no longer working. Read on to learn why January is one of the most popular times of year to file for divorce, and contact a skilled Irvine, California divorce attorney if you’re considering a divorce filing in the new year.

End-of-year stress may take a toll

The end of the year can be a stressful time for families. The expenses of travel to see distant family and purchasing presents, on top of busy schedules full of work parties and social commitments, can reveal serious issues in your relationship that you may previously have been able to ignore. Other couples may have believed that the holidays would provide them with an opportunity to reconnect and revive a flagging relationship, and they are dismayed to discover that the rifts in their marriage are still present in the new year. Others may reach January 1 and find that both they and their spouse simply deserve better than an unhappy marriage, and that life is too short to remain in a relationship that isn’t working.

Practical reasons may necessitate a new year divorce

Many couples choose to divorce in the new year for purely practical reasons. Divorcing before the end of the year may have undesirable consequences for the taxes you and your spouse will owe. If you have children and family commitments, you may not wish to cast a pall over the festivities, either for yourself or your children, by announcing the end of your marriage before the holidays. Also, end of year bonuses may provide the income that spouses need to move into a separate apartment or hire a skilled divorce attorney. Some spouses use time off over the holidays to spend several days apart to consider whether or not divorce is the right option for them.

If you’re considering ending your marriage and want skilled, knowledgeable assistance in starting the process of filing for divorce in California, contact the Mission Viejo offices of Landon C. Villavaso for a consultation, at 949-257-5188.

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