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Alternative Dispute Resolution

No form of litigation is easy or pleasant for the parties involved, but few are as painful and heartbreaking as court cases involving family disputes. Perhaps you’re being compelled to unpack the end of your relationship in a divorce proceeding, or you’re going through a painful dispute over custody, with your children being forced to discuss their most personal emotions with strange experts and psychiatrists during the course of the proceeding. Courtroom trials leave families feeling exposed to the public, making strangers privy to intimate details about their personal life. Even after a trial has concluded, the judge’s decisions become a part of the public record.

ADR may provide a faster, less-contentious, private alternative to courtroom trials

Fortunately, there is an alternative to the public nature of a courtroom trial for your divorce or custody proceeding. Rather than being forced to expose your family to a public hearing or trial, choose a method of alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution, also called ADR, allows you to use a private arbitrator or mediator to resolve your family law issues, while also allowing you to have knowledgeable legal counsel by your side who can make sure you receive a fair outcome. Irvine family law attorney Landon C. Villavaso can provide skilled, dedicated, and compassionate representation for you during a mediation or arbitration of your divorce or custody dispute. Contact him today to discuss your options for resolving your case outside of a courtroom.

Alternative dispute resolution has many advantages

Reasons to consider ADR instead of a courtroom trial are numerous; they include:

  • Privacy: Parties to a mediation or arbitration have the option to keep the proceedings entirely confidential.
  • Customizability: ADR can be customized to suit the parties, rather than be strictly governed by court rules of procedure.
  • Speed: ADR provides families with a resolution much faster than a backlogged California family court ever could.
  • Reduced cost: Parties often spend much less in costs and fees when using mediation rather than having their dispute heard in court.

Dedicated representation for juvenile dependency mediation sessions

Juvenile dependency issues, where courts will determine the fitness of a parent to retain custody of their child, can have serious and permanent consequences. California courts, social workers, or family members can request that the family be referred to juvenile dependency mediation. This state-run form of mediation offers families the chance to discuss disagreements, guardianship issues, conflicts between parents, and other issues relating to a child’s well-being. These mediation sessions are free for families and offer a chance for parents to resolve conflicts that could eventually result in the loss of child custody. Parents often choose to have legal representation at juvenile dependency hearings. Orange County family lawyer Landon C. Villavaso has decades of experience advocating for parents in juvenile dependency proceedings, fighting for the rights of parents to retain custody of the children they love. If you’re scheduled to go before a California juvenile dependency mediator, contact Landon C. Villavaso to receive dedicated and effective legal help at your mediation.

Call Landon C. Villavaso to Discuss ADR in Your Irvine Family Law Matter

For assistance with a family law dispute in Southern California, such as a divorce mediation, custody dispute, or juvenile dependency hearing, contact the compassionate, experienced, and attentive Irvine family law attorney Landon C. Villavaso for a free consultation at 949-257-5188.

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