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I am greatly honored to be able to post a review for Landon Villavaso. Landon has experience with a very unique area of law, The Dept. of Children and Family Services.I had accusations about my ability to mother/parent my children and they were sent by DCFS to live with their father. I was so glad to hire Landon because the court appointed atty. did not seem to understand my point of view and seemed to believe that my case was doomed and a very narrow path for me to win. Landon’s price was reasonable in comparison to other attys. I researched and he was very knowledgeable in this area of law. When he took on my case we found out he had just resigned from working in that court room under the same Judge who was over my case and knew some of the other players/court room Attys. He did his best to support me on this case,he met me immediately after our phone consultation and believed in finding justice for me. He was always available through phone,text or email. He even met me one time on a Saturday so that I can be prepared for possible testimony.This was one of the most difficult times of my life and I am glad I found an Atty. like Landon who seemed to care and not only looking for a payment.This was my first experience with hiring an Atty. and he made me feel very comfortable,some days rougher than others, but he encouraged me to believe that it was not all over. I appreciate that Landon even showed up to the Family Court to assist me in a different matter that was semi-related. At the end of the day,through the assistance of God and Landon,my case was completely dismissed and my children were returned home.Landon even waived final charges,however,I plan to compensate him in some unique way as soon as possible.It is seldom a day goes by that I am not thankful for the outcome of this tragic situation in my life. I would recommend Landon to anyone who is looking for a fair, committed and hardworking Atty. who will get the job done. He really fights for his clients and I will forever be grateful to Landon and his services during a most trying time in my life. Anyone looking for an Atty. my wish is that you all have the same positive experience and outcome that I did.


I consulted with different lawyers before making my final decision to choose Mr. Villavaso as my attorney. I had a personal family issue that needed legal attention and he was extremely kind, accesible, honest and fair with his fees. It was never about the money with him but making sure my case got resolved. He gives great advice and always listens carefully. He’s extremely methodical and knows the legal system very well. His experience and knowledge truly showed. I asked a lot of questions and he was always patient with me knowing I was under a lot of stress. I highly recommend him to everyone. I don’t trust lawyers in general since their always trying to over charge but I never got that feeling from him and most of all he’s very sincere.


Landon Villavaso was assigned to my case as a public defender and I can’t thank him enough! I don’t know what I would have done without him. Landon is very professional and went above and beyond during the entire case. He constantly followed up with me and the court, he explained to me every single detail of my case and was always responsive. Thanks to attorney Landon, I got my children back. I strongly recommend him!


Attorney Landon Villavaso saved my child. I was extremely lucky to have Mr. Villavaso represent me to get my daughter back from the courts custody. He was very professional, kind, understanding and clear in explaining the process. He did his research and fought for us. I highly recommend Mr. Villavaso’s services.


Landon is truly your man! He’s the type of lawyer who really cares about his clients — and he goes out of his way to fight for them!

I’ve consulted with Landon several times on areas around family law and real estate/business ventures — he’s always been so open and knowledgeable about these areas. He provided constructive and insightful advice and went out of his way refer me to other resources that would be helpful to me.

Landon takes the time to really be there for his clients; you are not just a number but a person to him. He fights for injustice and is the best in what he does! Not to mention, he is very good at what he does – he’s very articulate, savvy and very professional.

If you want a lawyer who cares, who is there for his clients and can consult your case with discernment, give Landon a call! He will NOT let you down!


Landon Villavoso was a Godsend in representing us to win back our two year old little girl from foster care in the LA Court system. He took the case and began immediately petitioning the court to have her placed with her family. The court was at fault for not doing this from the beginning. He knew who to talk to and exactly how the court process works. His demeanor is very compassionate and professional. He also does not nickel and dime the client. We are so pleased we found him and our little girl is at home and safe with her family now.


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know of my experience with Mr. Villavaso. I could not have asked for a better attorney. I am very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and determination of Mr. Villavaso Throughout my case, he was always very quick to respond, made himself available during times that most would consider after hours and always patient in explaining the status and details/developments of my case. It has been truly a great experience, I could not have asked for a better attorney. I would recommend Mr. Villavaso to anyone with no doubts.

Bedros Yegavian

When you’re engulf to the ungodly side of the children’s court, Attorney Villavaso is definitely a professional who you would want to be by your side.
It is imperative to be represented by someone who is respected and is known inside the Children’s Court.
My husband and I were accused of a very harsh “E” count when our son had an accident under a relative’s care.
My husband and I were very lost, confuse, and scared to say the least.
We were coping with our reality of what happened to our son and in addition we also have to awfully face the allegation of DCFS.
We were very fortunate to have been introduce to Mr. Villavaso. Till this day, we believe he is our heaven sent.
From the moment we had our first conversation, Atty. Villavaso started his research to know what we’re up against and WHO we’re up against inside the court.
He read all allegations, answered all my questions, and were easily accessed for any concerns. I gained so much of my knowledge because of him.

It was a very rough battle, but I must say, having Atty. Villavaso by my side was a huge relief, I felt confident inside that court. He literally lifted a huge weight off my shoulder.
The county and minor’s counsel wanted us to settle for what is convenience for them, for the court house and want us to admit to some fault to “settle” the case.
Atty. Villavaso Fought for us! Didn’t settle and would not settle to anything but my children to be “HOME WITH PARENTS”
We went on a full trial. Atty. Villavaso closing argument was standing ovation, impeccable. It truly shows the quality of his work.

Our Children are HOME!! (B)

Even our social worker commented: “Through my 18 years in DCFS, I have never seen whereas the judge sustained all allegation to be true, and agreed the kids to come home! That’s because you have your private attorney”

I would Highly Recommend Mr. Villavaso! This positive testimony and the testimonies of other speaks for itself


Hi, My name is Iridiana Tellez client of Mr. Villavaso …. The experience I had with Landon Villavaso was the best and excellent….. He help me get my daughter custody back lest than I thought…. I love the job he did with my case …. When I had my hopes down Mr. Villavaso would bring my hopes up…. I always I had my hopes and faith on him …. If I need a lawyer again I would definitely hire him again …. From my best, good, and excellent experience I had with Landon Villavaso I would definitely recommend Mr. Villavaso …..

Iridiana Tellez

My name is Manuela and I recommend him 100 % to anyone that needs a lawyer. He is a very good experienced person that will help you with all his power and everything he has. He will put up a fight for you in court if he has too. My experience with him was the best one ever I would totally go back and hire him again if I need custody help.

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