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Tips for Requesting a Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreement

One of the hardest conversations you may ever have with your partner is one about a prenuptial agreement. But although discussing your future finances may make one if not both partners uncomfortable at first, this discussion will also help set the stage for a healthy, long-lasting union.

Getting the conversation started about having a prenuptial agreement in place before you both say “I do” can be difficult. Below we have compiled a list of expert tips for how you can approach the topic and have a fulfilling discussion with your partner.

Make It Positive

Despite the many advantages of having a same sex prenuptial agreement, your partner may still have a negative reaction to the idea. Initiate the conversation by talking about how you will address your future finances, including:

  • How you will both invest your money
  • How you will handle a joint account
  • How you will pay off debts
  • Your financial priorities

Instead of discussing what things may look like if you get divorced, make the conversation about what you will both do to prevent a divorce. Talk about how you will support each other even if one or both of your financial situation changes in the future.

Be Goal Oriented

When discussing a same sex prenuptial agreement, take this time to talk about any goals and dreams you have for the future. Your dreams may involve continuing your education, advancing in your career, having children and traveling. This not only helps both you and your partner plan your finances, but it will also put you both on the same page about your expectations for the future.

Be Open and Remain Calm

Stop yourself from formulating responses before actually listening to your partner and his or her dreams, fears, and ideas. This is the time to give thoughtful responses that show that you are trying to understand your partner’s position.

Actively listening to your partner will also help keep heated emotions at bay. The more calm the conversation, the smoother it will go.

Get Legal Help from the Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso

The Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso provides independent legal advice to individuals interested in entering into a same sex prenuptial agreement in Orange County. We help couples write up same sex prenuptial agreements that are clear, fair and loving.

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